Purchase terms and conditions

Effective: July 1:st, 2020


Prior to your order, we, Pjama AB, assume that you have read and understood the information set forth under on our website at www.pjama.co.uk. Your order represents a request to enter into an agreement with us. A purchase agreement has been reached when you have made an order to purchase an item from the website, alternatively have placed an order by contacting us at support@pjama.se, and received an order confirmation via e-mail containing full details of your order. We will dispatch the item(s) to you by post, and you will be informed by text message or letter when the item(s) are ready for collection. We shall remain owner of all items until such time as you have made full payment, and we have received your payment.


Our prices may be modified without prior notice further to circumstances beyond our control, such as significant changes in raw-material prices, exchange-rate fluctuations or changes made to value added tax. All prices include value added tax of 25% within the European Union (EU). Should the rate of value added tax be modified, we reserve the right to adjust our prices with the equivalent amount.


Current charges are available on our website at www.pjama.se.


Sales and other special offers shall only be valid while the related stocks last, unless otherwise stated in conjunction with the offer.


Payment shall be made by charge card. Freight costs are in addition. Upon the return of items, a refund will be made to the credit card or bank card account used when you made your order. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

withdrawal, return, shipping and delivery

The terms and conditions regarding withdrawal, return, shipping and delivery you will find here.


Minors (children below 18 years of age) must have a parent’s or guardian’s approval to be able to order item(s) from the website or by contacting us at support@pjama.se.


We will not accept liability should an item you have purchased be used in a non-prescribed way. In this regard, we refer to the instructions set forth in the user manual provided upon the purchase of our products. You should therefore carefully read the manual before starting to use the item that you have purchased.


We decline all liability for delivery delays or shortcomings in our fulfilment of obligations and commitments according to these purchase terms and conditions should the delivery delay or shortcoming be due to circumstances beyond our control and that prevent, obstruct or delay the delivery or fulfilment in question.

Circumstances considered beyond our control include regulations, measures or omissions by public authorities, new or amended legislation, labour-market disputes, blockade, fire, flooding, sabotage or major accidents. Such circumstances shall also include decisions by public authorities that may negatively affect the market or products, such as decisions regarding warning texts, sales prohibition and similar, or an abnormal downturn in the market.


We do not accept liability for any printing or typing errors with regard to prices and other information provided by us.


Swedish law applies to all purchases and orders, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in these purchase terms and conditions. Any dispute that may arise will be referred to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (Sw. Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden – ARN). Our policy is to always follow recommendations made by ARN.

Corporate identity number: 556814-0759

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about the Services or these Terms, please contact us contact us at marketing@pjama.se; or by mail at: PJAMA AB, STORTORGET 13 A, 211 22 MALMOE, SWEDEN.

Pjama Byxor och shorts

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  • Pjama Sängvätningsbyxor
  • Pjama Sängvätningsshorts

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  • Pjama Behandlingsbriefs
  • Pjama Sängvätningslarm
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